Hoods Photography

Hoods Photography

    In & Outdoor Sporting Events - Senior Pictures - Family Portraits - Individual Portraits - Pet Portraits - Family & School Reunions - Portfolios - Equestrian Events –Weddings.

    Information you will need to order pictures
    • Gallery name
    • Image #/name- you will find the image #/name below the image bottom left corner.
    • Do you want a print or CD/DVD
    • What size of print

    Individual image Prices:
    4X6- $$2.75 5X7 or Wallets- $4.95 8x10- $8.95 8x10 Collage- $15.00 11X14- $12.50 11X14 Collage- $20.00
    Print orders over $40.00 will get filled right away, otherwise the order will wait till I get an order big enough to send in.
    DVD/CD- Full print rights and large resolution image/s Up to 5 images- $35.00 6 to 10 images- $45.00
    Shipping and handling
    Local delivery free
    Prints 8X10 and under $7.95 for larger then 8X10- TBD

    Package deals: More packages coming soon
    PHS Sport package- $250.00 for all pictures taken posted in a Gallery for you to download. Full rights to download, print, and share pictures. This can be purchased by a group of individual parents/players and coaches. This is for one level of a sport. Multiple levels can be purchased if they do not play at same time. Add local playoffs for $100.00. Playoffs not local can be added with travel fee added.

    All Sales payment due at ordering.

    We accept Cash, Credit Cards via PayPal, Local checks, and PayPal. Fees apply to PayPal transactions and a $50.00 returned check charge.

    We are located in Philomath Oregon.

    Thank you for looking at my pictures
    Hood's Photography
    Larry Hood

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